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Bishop Nelson Gudar Junior, MTh, BA theology honors and now PhD, cand, is a theologian, teacher and preacher with great insight and inspiration in both Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament) and New Testament. His ministry as a teacher and preacher of the eternal word of God responds to the contemporary questions that puzzle the world. This is because, he believes that the sacred Scriptures (Old and New Testaments) are not only for religious practices, but they also serve as a source of divine justice for a workable society.

Nelson, argues that sacred Scriptures explicitly reveal God as creator, warrior, righteous judge and keeper of his covenant that he made with Abraham, which extends to all families of the earth( Genesis 12:3). He is persuaded that evil in this world cannot overcome the goodness and the majesty of our God. And this drives His ministry philosophy: “the gospel of the only begotten son of our God must be preached without compromise, for it is the only answer to all human needs.” Nelson and his wife Mevis are co-founders of WfK international ministries. They reside in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, and God has blessed them with three sons: Michael, Rosh, and Adiel, who are serving together with them in the ministry.

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